Meet the Literary Engineer

Meet the Literary Engineer

I’m Kas, the Literary Engineer

I strive to do one thing: make words work. When I take on a freelance project I want to make those words work for the client. My goal is to get your message to your customers or readers the way you want that message to be received. This means something different for each and every client. Your message will be tailored to actually convey your voice, not my interpretation of your voice.

I am an expert in content creation and adept at making customer profiles for my clients. During our free consultation I will walk with you to see what you want and we will figure out how to create a game-plan. I won’t start working until you’re happy with the direction that we’re going to go. Once we have that direction, we will begin.

For my fiction consultation, I will be your on-call editor and proofreader. I combine the technical knowledge of an engineer with the styling of a literature degree. My bottom line is to make you happy with your work. If you’re proud of what you do, then I’m not proud. This process can be very emotional and I understand that. I am not here to browbeat you, but I won’t sugarcoat things for you.

Regardless of what the main goal is, I am particular about my clientele. Before we do anything with money, I want to meet you. If I don’t feel like I can help you get your message across, I won’t take your money or waste your time. Thus, every client gets a free hour of consulting/meeting. We will talk in-depth about what it is you want to accomplish and start a game plan to get you there.

When I’m not working I enjoy all the normal things that people enjoy: Books, games, family, and preparing for the robot overlords eventual betrayal of mankind. Before that happens, if you have writing projects that need doing, contact me by leaving a message here, or follow me on Twitter.